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client: carmi's pIZZA pASTA
job: logo, decoration, menu, facebook
client: merav ZONE
job: logo & website
client: Relaxed Spirit
job: logo, flyer
client: Women of the World - WoW
job: logo, visit cards, website, facebook
client: תלמה קינן
job: logo, visit cards, website
client: מיכל אופה מאהבה LOVEbaking
job: logo, visit cards, stickers, facebook
client: K2 Technology
job: logo, visit cards, website
client: webshot360
job: logo, visit cards, website
client: DeckIpea - Wood Work
job: logo, visit cards, facebook
client: Michal Amsalam -
Work Shop Facilitator
job: logo, visit cards, info pages for print
client: dream smith by Sharon Or
job: logo, visit cards
client: E.D.I. travel
job: logo, catalogue, facebook, advertising & web design
client:Atid Navon - family financial planner
job: logo, facebook, advertising & web design
client: Yael Feinsod - Pottery & Jewelry
job: logo & business card
client: Lizi Mor
architect & interior designer
job: logo &business card
client: InovoQuest
job: logo & web design